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Science at Aston by Sutton


We at Aston by Sutton intend that the children will follow the four Es: Engage, Enquire, Explore, Explain


At Aston by Sutton, we want children to have a real enthusiasm about science and have the confidence to ask questions and find ways to answer them. To ensure engagement, we use every opportunity to incorporate practical investigations and activities and this, in turn, helps our pupils to learn and retain new knowledge and vocabulary. 


The pupils will develop their understanding of how scientists work by using a range of types of enquiry to answer relevant scientific questions linked to appropriate science knowledge, and through learning about a diverse range of scientists and their work.

The pupils will engage in the following types of enquiry:

  • observing over time
  • pattern seeking
  • identifying, classifying and grouping
  • comparative and fair testing (controlled investigations)
  • researching using secondary sources.

The pupils will develop their skills to work like scientists by being taught and developing the working scientifically skills.


We want our children to love and experience Science in a way that will stick in their memory and inspire them in the future.

We believe that pupils learn best when teachers set learning within different contexts relevant to the pupils’ lives to maximise their engagement with, and motivation to, study science. Teachers seek opportunities to raise the Science capital of our pupils. Teachers take learning outside where possible to enrich learning and make the most of our amazing setting.


We believe that the pupils should develop an extended specialist science vocabulary, enabling them to explain concepts using technical terminology accurately and precisely. It is important that pupils are assisted in making their thinking clear, both to themselves and others.



Schemes of work

At Aston by Sutton we use the Developing Experts scheme of work, which is in line with the National Curriculum, as a framework for our Science learning. Lessons are planned for and the science National Curriculum content is covered throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. All pupils in the EYFS are taught science as an integral part of the play-based learning covered during the academic year.


Teachers model the use of scientific vocabulary and the articulation of scientific concepts clearly and precisely.

Independent learners

Pupils ask and answer their own questions, making decisions about the resources and methods to use and how to record and present their findings. They use the full range of enquiry types.

Collaborative learning

Pupils work in pairs or as part of a small group when carrying out enquiry work. They use skills to negotiate, learn how to work with others, and respect and value the work and opinion of others.

Basic skills

Cross-curricular links are made to give pupils opportunities to apply and embed their scientific knowledge and skills in other subjects.

Learning environment

The learning environment will be stimulating with a range of recorded work and evidence of the different enquiry types on working walls with focused scientific vocabulary.

Health and safety

Teachers will seek and follow health and safety guidance from CLEAPSS to ensure that they, and their pupils, are safe during practical work. Teachers check equipment before use to ensure it is safe to use. Pupils will be taught to use scientific equipment safely during practical activities.



Pupils at Aston by Sutton will know more, understand more and remember more about science.

Pupils will have a secure understanding of each key block of knowledge and concepts covered in their year-group.

Pupils will develop the full range of working scientific skills that enable them to work independently as scientists.

Pupils will display confidence and enjoyment in science.

Pupils will use and apply their science knowledge and skills across the
curriculum, making meaningful connections between subjects.


Respect – Inspire – Achieve

In Science all of our learners have the opportunity to reflect our Values of Respect – Inspire – Achieve by

Respect - We respect the world we live in by developing a curiosity for learning about our environment. We respect the equipment and materials we use.

Inspire - We are inspired by the world around us and the work of scientists working in many different fields. We inspire others by expressing our curiosity and sharing our ideas, we take on challenges, ask questions and are positive about our learning.

Achieve - We endeavour to develop our skills and knowledge to give us the confidence to achieve the best we can.



We are pleased to announce that Aston by Sutton has been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) for 2023. The PSQM celebrates a commitment to excellence in science teaching and learning.  The PSQM is the only national award scheme to develop and celebrate the quality of science teaching and learning in primary schools.  Schools achieve a PSQM award through a year-long process of the initial audit, followed by action and reflection


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