What Governors Do

Welcome to the area of the website that introduces our governors, and the work that we do with the school.

Our main role is to provide support to the Head Teacher and the staff, and we are often known as the school’s ‘critical friend’. At the start of each year, the governing body sets the targets for the school and we monitor the progress of all the children in the school, to ensure that they are all doing well towards being the very best that they can.

Our statutory duties include:

  • Setting the vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Providing both support and challenge to the headteacher;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the progress of all the children in the school;
  • Ensuring that the school budget is set and that the very best use is made of the money available; and
  • Making sure that the school is a safe environment for the children and that all the requirements relating to safeguarding are fulfilled.

We meet at least once each term to review how we did as a governing body in the last term and to set out our targets for the new year and how we will work with the school to ensure they are achieved.


The Governing Body at Aston by Sutton

Mr John Baldacchino (Parent) 03/12/13 to 02/12/17 - Chair

Mrs Louise Okell (Co-Opted) 05/06/15 to 04/06/19 - Vice Chair

Mrs Anna Plant (Head Teacher)

Miss Kathryn Wright (Staff) 15/10/15 to 14/10/19

Mrs Tina Horsefield (Non-Teaching Staff) 8/10/13 to 7/10/17

Mrs Hilary Jones (LA Labour) 09/05/12 to 12/09/20

Ms Claire Cavanagh (Parent) 17/10/12 to 9/11/20

Mr Andrew Shaw (Parent Co-Opted) 05/06/15 to 4/06/19

Mrs Sarah Williams (Co-Opted) 09/11/16 to 08/11/20

Register of Interests : A Plant (relationship to a school  uniform providor).

L Okell (relationship to another Governor).

A Shaw (relationship to another Governor).


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