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About Us

Aston by Sutton Primary School is a smaller than average, rural primary school.

The school building itself was built in 1904, but there has been a village school on site for even longer than this.  We have had numerous extensions over the years, and each build has added to but retained many original features. 

Currently there are 103 children on role and they are organised into 4 classes: EYFS, Y1/2, Y3/4 and Y5/6.

We are proud of the hard work, progress and achievements our children make during their time at Aston, and enjoy celebrating their successes in many different ways including Star of the week, Times Table Rockstar of the week, Star Writer and Star Reader as an example. 

In addition to their class, the children are grouped into family groups to foster friendships, fun and learning across the school.  The Families meet fortnightly to discuss key school issues, arrange fundraising events, and are an effective way to enjoy theme days and weeks eg World War 1 day, European Languages day.

The family groups are based on local animals: Squirrels, Moles, Pheasants and Badgers.

Parents play an enormously important role in supporting what their children are learning at school, and at Aston we are proud of the home–school links we have built up to enable a positive learning community.  We have an active PTA who support the school throughout the year, raising money to purchase resources. 

Finally, one of the most important cogs in the effective education of your child, is the excellent teaching and learning that the team of experienced and hard-working professionals here at Aston plan and provide.  The staff personalise the curriculum to each Class group’s strengths, building on prior knowledge and interests.  A variety of learning styles are encouraged to enable every child to feel challenged whilst building up confidence and self-esteem.

We promise to look after, nurture and support your child to achieve their true potential during the time they spend with us, and invite you to join us in forming a strong home-school link, to enable all children at Aston to become strong and confident learners and leaders for the future.

Anna Plant


01928 711 953

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