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French at Aston by Sutton


At Aston by Sutton, we believe that language education enhances the whole curriculum and prepares children to take an active part in the ever developing and rapidly changing world, which also fosters a desire for language learning throughout the child’s life.

Additional language acquisition encourages children to develop understanding and cultural awareness of others and a deeper understanding of their own culture and their world around them, gained through knowledge and understanding built through high quality language learning that develops the child's oral, aural, reading and writing skills.

At Aston by Sutton, we prescribe to the school of thought that a child’s early exposure to language learning results in faster acquisition. At Aston by Sutton, we believe that the early exposure to French will enable every child to acquire the skills necessary to learn languages later in life which will aid a confident and successful transition to Key Stage 3 and beyond.



Children at Aston by Sutton will;

  • Be able to communicate using both spoken and written French to express their thoughts or ideas and in response to others.
  • Be aware of the phonological and grammatical structure of
  • Be able to speak with increasing accuracy, confidence, fluency and spontaneity.
  • Develop their skills in the four main areas; oral, aural, reading and writing.
  • Develop a rich understanding of French culture.
  • Acquire the skills for a successful transition to Key Stage 3 and language learning throughout their lives.



At Aston by Sutton we make use of the Niveau French scheme of work  to support the implementation of language education throughout the school to provide clear progression in line with National Curriculum targets, which  provide for the development of every child’s, oral, aural, reading and writing skills in the target language.

At Aston by Sutton we use numerous methods to encourage the children to learn French, these include:

  • The use of games which aim to develop the skills being taught.
  • Songs as a method of repetition and practice.
  • Interactive web-based technology to support the learning of language skills.
  • Confidence building through positive praise towards all that take part, irrespective of the size of their contribution in the target language.

Language: Technical vocabulary is taught, which is essential to acquire a rich knowledge and understanding of the phonology and grammatical structures of French.

Collaborative Learning: Children work in pairs or in groups when practising their new oral and aural skills. This will provide the children with a safe and friendly environment that is conducive to language learning.

Capital Culture:  Opportunities are mapped out across the curriculum for pupils to learn about French culture, from art and architecture to famous French citizens and their contributions to world culture.


Respect – Inspire – Achieve

In French all of our learners have the opportunity to reflect our Values of Respect – Inspire – Achieve by

Respect - We respect the world we live in by learning about the values, customs, culture and language of a country different to our own.

Inspire - We are inspired by French culture to learn the French language. We inspire others by challenging ourselves to speak in a second language and are positive about our learning.

Achieve - We endeavour to develop our knowledge to give us the confidence to achieve the best we can.

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