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Extra support for my child

From time to time, you may feel your child needs a little extra support from school.  Here are some signposts to the different support that we can offer here at Aston.


Child development and learning support

Our staff are trained well and have years of valuable experience, so it is more than likely that they will already be aware and have had a conversation with you if they are concerned about your child.  However, from time to time, children appear to manage their emotions during the school day, and save it all to let out at home. 


If you feel this could be your child and you have concerns about their progress/development, please in the first instance have a conversation with the class teacher. You can talk through any concerns and any further adaptions to the school day/curriculum can be discussed.


If you feel they are still not making the progress in that particular area of learning or development, then a collaborative discussion with the class teacher, you as parent and the School Senco, Miss Helen Platt, (Previously this role was fulfilled by Mrs Rees-Wright) would be the next step. 


From here, any referrals on to speech and language or Woodview Child development centre for example, can be discussed.  


Please also look at our Local Offer tab on the school website If you scroll to the bottom of this page there are all sorts of useful links eg an anxiety toolkit, dyslexia e- book etc


Emotional support

At Aston we have three school ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants).

They are Mrs Horsefield Class 2, Mrs Webster Class 3 and Miss Scott Class 4.

Through ELSA, we can support your child with any worries or troubles they are experiencing.  Life can be tricky to navigate as a child growing up in our modern society and  children can experience unhappy times, feelings and emotions connected with family worries, grief, siblings, friends to name just a few.

ELSA aims to find out what the child is worried about and support them to navigate a pathway through these worries, equipping them with the tools to develop understanding and resilience. We are able to offer this to 2-4 children at a time per class and offer them a 4-6 week block.  Please contact your child’s teacher if this is something you feel your child could benefit from.


Family Support Worker

At Aston, we are part of the Frodsham Village schools partnership, who employ a shared Family support worker.  Her name is Sue Leigh and Sue has been part of the Aston Community for many years. Sue has worked with many children and families navigating difficult times such as parental separation and/or divorce, financial worries, worries about school and this forms part of early help that can be given to children and families to offer improvements to mental health and well-being.  If you feel your child could benefit from talking with Sue, she usually comes in once a week, then please let me know and with your consent I can refer them through to her.


If you wish to discuss any of these further, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s class teacher or myself. 


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