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School Garden

Until recently, the area at the side of our school was an overgrown and unused part of our school community, that lots of parents and pupils did not even realise belonged to school.  In January one of our governors decided enough was enough! A keen gardener, she felt that it needed to be brought into becoming a usable space.  So plans were sketched out, parent help was enlisted, and off we went! 

The entire project took until July 2019, when the garden was formally opened by Liam Jones, the Mayor of Frodsham.  It had taken many many hours of work, given freely by our school community.  Grandparents and parents were involved, children helped out, and many weekends and after school sessions, in all weathers, to create an imaginative and fun garden for our children to use and learn in.  

The entire garden cost school very little.  The majority has been donated, upcycled, recycled, and built using the skills of our parents and grandparents.  There are raised planters made form pallets, cable drums fashioned into stools and tables, a telegraph pole chopped into stepping stones, and a green house which when finished will be fabulous, made out of 2l bottles. 

The long term aim is for parents and grandparents to continue with their support of time to help maintain and grow fruit and vegetables to have a small 'market garden' style enterprise, where all porfits will be ploughed back into the garden. 

We are very proud of the space we have created, and our children love to use it in lessons, particualrly on 'Welly Wednesday.'


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