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Class Dojo


Class Dojo is a fabulous tool to use between home and school!


How does it work?

Class Dojo points are awarded to children for a wide range of reasons including:being a good friend, good sitting/listening, great lining up, work related merit point, sharing ideas and team work all worth between 1 and 3 points.  Not forgetting the special award for outstanding contributions  worth 5 points!

Each class teacher awards points to their class throughout the day at school, which parents can view at home through the dojo website (login required), or through  the app (login required). 

Each class teacher resets the points back to zero on a regular basis.

All staff are able to nominate any child for points.

Staff are also able to share photographs of children at work, or examples of their work, which parents can also view through the class story.


Parents get involved by:

Parents can only see their own child(ren), and must have the login supplied by their child's class teacher.

Parents can view in real time as it happens, points being awarded, and photos being added.

The parent feedback is that it opens lots of interesting conversations at the end of a day when they ask their child(ren)...'What have you done at school today?'  

Parents are also able to upload photographs of special achievements and certificates at home, but these must be approved by the class teacher before going onto the class page.

Files to Download

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