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British Science Week 2021 and Science at Home

British Science Week 2021

It's British Science Week (6-15 March 2020) and people all over the country  are exploring science, technology, engineering and maths. – BSPP

8th March - 12th March

What we will be doing in school:

Each class will be carrying out exciting Science investigations at various times throughout the week.

We will be taking lots of pictures of the children during Science Week and we will upload them onto Class Dojo class stories, our Twitter page and on here. This means you can see what your children are getting up to in their classes next week.

At home:

Below are a variety of links to exciting Science websites containing simple Science investigations and  more information about Science.  

There are also more investigations to do at home that have been selected for each class. Please click on them to see what thrilling Science you could do at home.

Please note: do not feel pressured to carry them out, they are there for any families that feel they would like to do any Science at home during British Science Week 2021.

If you would like to do them, they are simple and you only need a few items, most of which you will find at home. So do not feel the need to buy anything. 

The children can do as many or as few as they want. It is entirely up to you.

It would be brilliant if you could take 2-3 photographs when your child is carrying out any science at home. We would love to see what your children are getting up to at home.

These pictures can be uploaded to your own child's portfolio on Class Dojo.

Your teacher will have created a lesson/task for 'British Science Week' with the link to a website where you can find all of the tasks for your child's class to choose from.

Below are links to many websites during Science week:

British Science Week Poster competition:

Some virtual trips with Google Expeditions into the forest and exploration of different roles within Forest England:

Family fun with a tree explorer activity pack and discover how foresters calculate the age of a tree and its height:

More investigations:




Please find Science Fun at Home resources from The Primary Science Teaching Trust  (Science website that will be uploading a daily free science or cooking task) - Interactive science lessons for KS1/KS2 Range=100016057  – FS2 and KS1 nature activities (for gardens)

Every Friday for the next 7 weeks W/B 18.1.21, we'll be delivering FREE live lessons from our Aquarium via YouTube!

Each week there will be two sessions;

🦈🔬 The first 'Deep Science' (1:00pm to 1:20pm) will see our schools team using aquarium exhibits and our AquaLab to explore the science behind the animated ocean exploration tv series ‘The Deep’ (CBBC @12pm on weekdays during lockdown). Expect fascinating facts and real time experiments, as well as ideas to follow up with at home!

🧜‍♀️📖 The second will be ‘Mermaid Tales’, which will air from 1:30 – 1:45pm and will involve a short story narrated by our resident mermaid, Marina - perfect timing before an afternoon nap, or as a gentle, relaxing start to the afternoon.


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