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We learn our phonics with "The Song of Sounds".

The Song of Sounds is a program that teaches children their letter sounds (phonemes) through a song and a huge range of games and activities that help children to learn. The tune, colourful pictures and actions for each letter all help the children to learn quickly. The 26 letters of the alphabet are covered first, followed by two and three-letter sounds e.g. sh, air

Phonics help children learn to read and write by teaching them the letter sounds (known as phonemes), rather than the letter names, for example, the sound that "c" makes, not the alphabetical name.

There are 42 sounds in the English language that can be heard in words. These include the 26 sounds in the alphabet, but also more complex sounds that are made up of a two (digraph) or three (trigraph) letter word. e.g. 'sh' in the work shark, 'oo' in the word moon or 'igh' in the word night.

Your child will be taught these letters during early stages of their learning. The letter sounds are not introduced in alphabetical order. The first group has been chosen, because when put together, they make more simple, three-letter words than any other letters!

s a t p i n m d g o c k e u r h b f l j v w x y z qu ch sh th ng nk ai ee igh oa oo oo ar or er ow oi air ear ure

Sounds with more than one way of being written are taught first in one form only, for example the sound 'ai' (train) is introduced first with the alternative 'ay' (play) and 'a-e' (cake) being taught later.

For each sound in the Song of Sounds there is an action which helps the children remember the sound the letter makes and the song is sung everyday.


Practise singing the song as much as you can. (Try to practise in different ways to keep it interesting for your child). Here are some ideas...

*Sing the song EVERYWHERE - in the car, at Grandma's house, in the bath etc.

*You sing a song lyric and ask your child to perform the correct action - then swap over. Make sure you make some mistakes - children love it when grown up get it wrong!

*Perform an action, then ask your child to sing the song.

*Use the flashcards to check for knowledge or play games


Click on the link below to hear the catchy song we sing each day.


Song of Sounds Stage 1


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