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Class Dojo

In Class 2 we use Class Dojo to enhance our skills, working together to reward effort and good behaviour in our classroom. The children each have a monster and can change their monster character at home at any time. They each have the same set of skills that any teachers can award dojo points to. An example of the current skills are in the picture below:

Class Dojo - 2023 - 2024.jpg

Points are only ever awarded as a positive and the children usually choose to work together to achieve over 500 as a class, to have their choice of something fun. The last choice was to wear slippers in school all day! 

You will be provided with a log in and a code, in which you can only see your own child's points. You can however view a whole class story, comment on it and view pictures. It also has a facility to private message, which can be really useful although this shouldn't be instead of messaging the school office if your child is absent or attending a medical appointment etc. 

I hope you and your child enjoy using dojo!  


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