Class 3 - Year 3 and 4

Home Learning

During this national lockdown, please find below the timetable of work to complete for Class 3.  Use the Class 3 Home Learning Timetable and Class Dojo Portfolio so that you know what you need to be doing, when and uploading it.  Start with English, Maths, Reading and Science/Topic and work your way through.  Please scan (or take a photograph) of completed work and upload it to Class Dojo Portfolio.  All the instructions and resources for each lesson will be found on class Dojo Portfolio. Please upload one piece of evidence for each subject.

PDS PE links will direct you to their one drive account where you will then select the video to play and it will load automatically. The dance sessions will have x2 options as we have developed a KS1 and KS2 session. The equipment has been stated for the Sports based session below (we advise they collect this before starting the session).

Sports lesson link (Equipment - Marker, Small ball/Bean-Bag or Pair of socks, Three targets - Buckets, Boxes etc.)!AuHUajMlpIcRgQhHckonUiEQ3YAY?e=rL6XWf!AuHUajMlpIcRgQ7qBTcJLCfFLFvJ?e=xucPIJ!AuHUajMlpIcRgRNZ9TxcrsHLSxzT?e=KGrmMt

Dance lesson key stage 2!AuHUajMlpIcRgQcsocAVRpVyv4RK?e=hNftlU!AuHUajMlpIcRgQtCeHDwTvH1F2cF?e=CegDG7!AuHUajMlpIcRgRGVGE5N7Xo1e7g1?e=LiJbzC

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