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School Curriculum Statement


Aston by Sutton Curriculum Intent

Aston by Sutton Primary is a small, rural primary school that places family and nurture at its core.  Our curriculum is designed to provide a broad and balanced education that is flexible and responsive to meets the needs of all children.  It provides opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident and successful learners, with high aspirations, who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society.

Ultimately, our intent is to foster a love for learning, celebrating academic and personal success. 


The Curriculum is implemented through creativity, problem solving, and regular ‘hooks’ to unlock a keen interest and intrigue for the next theme or topic.  Aston children are taught responsibility and resilience through a range of roles within their family groups and class structures, culminating in the opportunity to apply to be a buddy in Year 5, and a lead learner, Head Boy or Head Girl in Year 6. 

The curriculum is built around our unique location and fosters a love of learning through the outdoors.  It is enriched with opportunities to learn outside in the school grounds, school garden and woodlands and further afield in surrounding areas, reinforcing the importance of physical activity and development, well-being and mental health.  Residential visits form a key part of each school year from Y2 upwards.  At Aston we firmly believe these are key elements that unlock the potential of the whole child and promote a life-long love and motivation to ‘never stop learning!’

We support children’s moral, social and cultural development, ensuring an appreciation and understanding of faiths and cultures beyond our local community so that they are well prepared for life in modern Britain and as global citizens.

Our Curriculum is carefully structured so that it builds on children’s prior learning and develops their knowledge and skills in a progressive manner, and once the children reach National Curriculum age (Year one), it spans a two year cycle- Year A and Year B, to ensure a balanced and coherent approach, and ensuring all learning opportunities are given due time, care and challenge.


Core Subjects:

Mathematics: At Aston by Sutton Primary we approach Mathematics using a phased approach to a unit of work; learning facts, strategies, reasoning and application skills to solve problems independently. We believe that deep learning of mathematics is important so that children can see and use the connections between different areas of the subject. To develop mental mathematics we use various schemes of mathematics that cover all aspects of the White Rose and NCETM are used regularly to encourage a mastery approach to teaching.



In Foundation Stage and Key Stage One phonics is taught daily and phonics intervention sessions run to accelerate progress. The Song of Sounds scheme is used to form the phonics curriculum and catch up interventions run alongside the teaching for any children who need reinforcement of any phonemes and blends. These interventions continue into Key Stage Two if appropriate.

Guided Reading is taught daily in Key Stages One and Two, and provides children with home learning opportunities. A great deal of importance is given to basic skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening. It is important that our children develop good communication strategies that will help them produce work of quality consistently. We are developing our KS1 Reading resources to reflect phonically decodable books, and once the children are reading independently they have opportunity to take home more than one book so that they are reading a range of different texts. 

Writing at Aston is taught through the Literacy Company Pathways to write units from Reception to Y6.  We have also introduced the Pathways poetry units this year, to ensure children learn by heart specific poems to read and write.


Science is either taught discretely or as part of a theme; whichever fits the content of the curriculum most appropriately. Investigation skills are a key part of the science curriculum and given a high priority in lessons. The science content taught in each year group is shown on the long term plan.  We utilise our outdoors in the school garden, woods and playground as much as possible to ensure children learn about the living plants, trees  and local animals/mini-beasts found in Aston!


Information & Communication Technology Recognition of the place of ICT in all learning is key to our approach. ICT is taught in a variety of ways. Where necessary, specific ICT skills are taught in discrete ICT lessons, however the majority of ICT teaching takes place using a cross curricular approach. This allows children to transfer ICT skills and use technology for a real purpose. Children also have access to websites that can be used at home in order to increase their understanding and skills.


Foundation Subjects


We teach the subjects History, Geography, Art and DT using a cross curricular, theme-based approach. Each theme is usually enriched by an educational visit or a visiting expert. The value of the foundation subjects as an avenue for children to consolidate basic skills learnt in the core subjects is accepted.

Music: Where possible, music is taught as part of a theme. If there are no obvious links then it is taught discretely. Year 5 and year 6 have the opportunity to learn how to play a brass instrument. This involves the mechanics of playing and the reading of music as well as playing collectively. Key Stage singing sessions provide opportunities for children to consolidate musical skills.

Physical Education We provide two sessions of PE per week to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum. Each class is taught games, dance and gymnastics. Swimming is taught in Key Stage two. Presently teachers are working alongside Progressive Sport and PDS coaching to develop their skills in planning and delivering the subject. Various clubs are used as a way of providing extra sports such as archery and streetdance.

Religious Education

RE is taught according to the Cheshire West and Chester Agreed Syllabus. This allows children to learn about the six major world religions through different topics such as special books and places of worship, developing understanding of and respect for local faith communities.

Modern Foreign Languages The language taught at Aston by Sutton Primary is French. This is taught discretely in Key Stage Two and in Key Stage One informal activities are used to introduce children to the language.


At Aston we follow the No outsiders scheme to ensure children develop into rounded individuals who accept and understand that we are all different but all equal. 

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