Life at Aston

The school day at Aston:

8:50am - doors open and children come into school.

9:00am - the register is taken.  Any absences need to be reported by 9:15am.

10:20am - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - Assembly in the Hall.  Thursday - Target time in class where children work on their individual targets.

10:40am - Break time.  Snacks are available to purchase including bagels, drinks and Jubblys.

11:00am The second session starts.

12pm - 12:15pm Children in Classes 1-4 have a staggered start to lunch.

13:10pm Lunch ends and children return for their afternoon sessions.

14:30pm Classes 1-3 have a 15 minute break.  (Class 4 have afternoon break on a Friday)

15:15pm The school day ends.  Children can either attend after school clubs, The Den out of hours club or go home.

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